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About J&B Scotch Whisky

From day one J&B's story has been about the different and unexpected coming together and creating something rare. It all started with the young and adventurous Justerini & Brooks who came together and broke the mould and gave the world a whisky blended from 36 Malt & 6 Grain whiskies. A whisky that stood apart from the rest in a bold green bottle with a bright yellow label, a whisky that has rolled with rockers and rocked with royals. It is this spirit that sits at the heart of J&B and inspires us to look at the world around us and see that the rare can be created by those bold enough to break with convention and bring together that which is different and unexpected.



  • J&B™ is the 5th largest Scotch brand in the world
  • J&B™ is the 4th largest whisky in South Africa
  • J&B™ has the longest running sports sponsorship in the world with the J&B™ Met
  • J&B™ pioneered whisky in a coloured bottle. 
  • J&B™ uses a unique blend of 42 whiskies. 



The purists will tell you you shouldn't mix whisky, but in true J&B™ style, this rule was broken. J&B™'s unique blend of 42 whiskies gives it a subtle, yet rich and complex flavour that doesn't overpower. J&B™ blends effortlessly with your mix of choice, and our signature serves are proof that when you mix contrasting ingredients together, you end up with something 'Made for the Mix', something 'Made Different'. 

From its beginnings in 1749, J&B™ has passed the lips of royalty, been enjoyed by Kings and Queens and given nine Royal Warrants, and starred alongside some of the most famous Hollywood movie stars. See if you can spot us in Scarface and Training Day.

It's this spirit that has made J&B™ one of the world's most popular whiskies, keeping things different since the start.


1749 - Our history dates back to 1749, when Giacomo Justerini, an Italian from Bologna, came to London to woo the Italian opera singer, Margherita Bellino. Turned away, he remained in London and set himself up as a wine merchant in Pall Mall with his English partner, George Johnson. Together, they ran a very fashionable and successful business catering to London's high living aristocracy.

1760 - Justerini and Johnson win the first of their nine Royal Warrants (as suppliers of fine wines and spirits to the royal household) from King George III.

1779 - On 17 June, Justerini and Johnson advertise their fine wines, spirits and liqueurs inThe Morning Post. The first recorded advertisement in our history, it includes the word, "Usquebaugh", the original name for whisky.


1831 - Alfred Brooks buys the business from the third generation of Johnson and renames it Justerini & Brooks.

1930s - J&B™ Rare (as we know it today) is born. It is created to give Americans a palatable alternative to moonshine after Prohibition is lifted in the United States.


1958 - J&B™ becomes a regular in Las Vegas, being enjoyed on stage by many of the stars of the time.

1962 - J&B™ RARE is introduced to Spain where it grows to become the No.1 whisky.

1963 - J&B™ Rare takes off in the United States. Sales reach one million cases.

1970s - J&B™ Rare is established across Europe and makes its way to South Africa.

1976 - The first J&B™ Met horse racing event is held in South Africa.

1980s - J&B™ Rare is established across the world.

2003 - J&B™ Rare establishes itself as a 'Party' spirit with the J&B™ Nightology boat parties on an 11 000 ton cargo boat.

2007 - Launch of J&B™'s first global campaign, 'Start a Party'.

2013 - J&B™ launches its 'Made Different' campaign using South African icon, DJ Sbu.

2014 - In the spirit of being Made Different, J&B™ creates J&B™ Urban Honey, a smooth mix of J&B™ with the flavours of honey.

Today - J&B™ Rare continues to be one of the world's most popular Scotch whiskies and to this day remains the 'UNSCOTCH SCOTCH', that lives by its own rules.